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Teacher-driven Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga
Yoga in the heart of Georgetown

We offer teacher-driven, old-school yoga classes that are rooted in classical Hatha Yoga Traditions and emphasize proper alignment and movement as the foundation of a sustainable, strong practice. 

You can show up to practice in whatever you want - sweatpants, shorts and a t-shirt, running clothes, or last night's outfit. It's OK to ask questions during class, laugh, take it super-easy, and to lose your balance trying something new. 

We know each student's experience is unique, and our emphasis is on quality over quantity when it comes to substance of your practice.


We have classes for everyone, regardless of shape, age, flexibilty, or athleticism - and our studio has an open, laid-back vibe.

For us, yoga isn't about how much you sweat, what you're wearing, or if you can chant “om” perfectly, it's about finding your personal edge, a moment of peace, stillness, or strength.

Your first time? Sure, it's going to be awkward and you're not going to "get it" the first visit.

You may not get it on your 1,000th visit either - because it's about finding the edges of your ability (and your mind) - and that's always changing.


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Georgetown Yoga is the sister studio of The Yoga Shala and Dupont Circle Yoga, dedicated to offering teacher-driven, classical yoga styles.

Our mission is straightforward: offer teacher-driven, old-school yoga classes from classical Hatha roots: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa (Flow), in a laid-back setting. We take yoga seriously but try to keep things laid-back and light; we hope to create a space where students can approach yoga on their own terms - not as part of some weird clique or cult.

The story of our studio is pretty short: take one longtime local restaurant owner and yoga student, Elias Hengst, and one Montana native, yoga teacher, certified massage therapist, and mental health counselor, Maryl Baldridge.

Add shared passion for yoga, community, teaching, family, friends, (mostly) healthy living, and a love of the outdoors - and you have The Yoga Shala.

We try to make our studio both accessible and affordable. If you're tight on funds, work in schools or non-profits, are a student, or just need a discount, drop us a line....!



Located in the heart of Georgetown...

We're located in Georgetown at 2805 M St NW

Our airy, light-filled studio is located in Georgetown in a lovingly restored building near Dupont, the West End, and Foggy Bottom.

Don't worry about the little things - there's plenty of room to change and we offer complimentary use of premium Manduka yoga mats.


*Yes, you can use all our "first" time specials - we want it to be a good fit

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Our sister studios

Georgetown Yoga is the sister studio of The Yoga Shala and Dupont Circle Yoga. Check them out!


The Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala, a light-filled space with soaring windows, is located at 1550 7th Street NW, in the historic Shaw neighborhood, close to downtown Washington DC, Howard University, and the U-Street Corridor.

Dupont circle yoga

Dupont Circle Yoga

Our light-filled studio, Dupont Circle Yoga, is located in historic Dupont Circle in a lovingly restored 140 year old space close to Dupont Metro,  Georgetown, the West End, and Foggy Bottom.